Monday, September 1, 2014

Ten to Zero

100th post. Something good or something bad is about to happen. Soon.


Everyone is aiming for perfection but..
It's very cold not even warm no matter how good or bad
It all transcends into pride throughout this vessel instead of rising up
We're exceptionally low in this beginning of an end
We gain nothing at the terminal, so let me count for you

"Up and down and up and down..."
Time continues to slip away quickly
When the clock stops ticking later, where would you be?
It's not yet happened.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


I want to see you
I yearn for you
I've been waiting for you
I'm waiting for the dark

The joy of summer has just begun
But I'm yearning for the snow
I don't want to see the light
I just want to see the fireworks

At the edge of the shore
I'm laying myself down
Carried away by the waves
While looking at a picture book
That ends beautifully like the stars

I chased one after another down
Only to find drowned by the waves
They rolling through the sand
Like a fury of emotions

I'm not afraid of the night
Even when the sun sets
The stars will appear again right?
Tomorrow surely will come again
The sun will rise again and shine
It's only a matter of time

I will be here and stay here
I will always be here and stay here
I will wait for the dawn
I will wait for the bird to chirp again

Friday, March 7, 2014

Night of Ballads

I sing to you
the last song
It reminds me
a yellow dress

That moment
in my arms
means forever
in my heart

The full moon
looked at you
Our short stories
will never end

Let's walk away
You must be brave
To let it go
 Only one wish
I have left

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Premonition of Sorrow

The chosen one who possess nothing
Remain unscattered until the very end
The world will soon finally meets its ending
This lonely universe was distorted without no one even knowing
The abyss was exposed and the time yearns for eternal sleep

The sky has finally closed its eyes until that day
When there are no more overwhelmed despair
The grace that we received by everlasting love
That guiding light that we followed unknowingly
Something we are longing for are cease to exist

When we exhale our last breath
Inside this imaginary decayed world
The disappearance of the symphony of this life
Portrayed deep within our eyes and our minds

If the nothingness is able to invade almost everything
How can we win and what will be left for us in the future?
Who will stand up for the sake of that hope?
Will you able to sing our melody?

We won't allow it to end like this, right?

Saturday, March 1, 2014


"How many realities should we avoid?"
There are times when we're just standing
Holding back our imaginary falling tears

"We should make the choices of our own"
When you try to hide lies with another lies
What will you get in the end?

Where should we go to find a true smile?
Did you wish to stop and realize?
Remember the tragedy that revolves around you
Expectations are always crushed by intervention

Reality will never stop
It will go after you wherever you go
Please remember that playful melody
That sounds like an awkward silence

If you are running away today
Will you invite us along?
Let the love forsake you and teach you

And if you think that you can change
The direction of the winds of time
Please make it happen
Don't let it end like this
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