Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Counting Days

In a seemingly obnoxious place
Where time manifested itself
Into something that we can embrace
We may put our hope in it
In order to heal and restore us

In what happy, magical, dwelling place
are we in for these remaining days?
Should we live in it or just let it die?

We may not leave but we can just go
3.. 2.. 1.. and the bell is ringing softly
How many times this needs to be repeated?

In the distant faraway bright future
Where nobody has reached there yet
Which everyone are curious to seek
Anybody may give up something for it
In order to realizing what they have imagined

In what terrifying, dreadful, circumstances
are we in for quite such a long time?
Could you live in it or just let it die?

We can't just leave yet we can just go
3.. 2.. 1.. and the bell is ringing slowly
How could we ended up this way?

9.. 8.. 7.. and the bell is stopped ringing
6.. 5.. 4.. and the bell is no more to be heard
3.. 2.. 1.. and the bell is nowhere to be seen

It's too late to ask..
What you.. wish.. for..

Saturday, May 27, 2017


By not knowing what lies ahead
I keep on and keep on walking
By not realizing what will get me
I stay and stay until the morning

This world is vast and broad
But our minds are greater
But our bonds are deeper

Nothing ever goes wild
Like a smoke without fire
We're not chasing freedom
But we're bound and restricted

I'm not fixing things
I'm just trying to build it
I'm not smothering it
I'm just enjoying things

When things are no longer
Like it used to be anymore
It's time for you and me
To realize where are we belong
To question what are we doing

Maybe it's an end to a certain journey
But it's a start to another adventure
The journey of finding you and you
The adventure of knowing myself

I'm not fulfilling any promise
I'm not regretting anything
Because I live with my head held high
Because I'm not looking down to any of you

Monday, September 1, 2014

Ten to Zero

100th post. Something good or something bad is about to happen. Soon.


Everyone is aiming for perfection but..
It's very cold not even warm no matter how good or bad
It all transcends into pride throughout this vessel instead of rising up
We're exceptionally low in this beginning of an end
We gain nothing at the terminal, so let me count for you

"Up and down and up and down..."
Time continues to slip away quickly
When the clock stops ticking later, where would you be?
It's not yet happened.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


I want to see you
I yearn for you
I've been waiting for you
I'm waiting for the dark

The joy of summer has just begun
But I'm yearning for the snow
I don't want to see the light
I just want to see the fireworks

At the edge of the shore
I'm laying myself down
Carried away by the waves
While looking at a picture book
That ends beautifully like the stars

I chased one after another down
Only to find drowned by the waves
They rolling through the sand
Like a fury of emotions

I'm not afraid of the night
Even when the sun sets
The stars will appear again right?
Tomorrow surely will come again
The sun will rise again and shine
It's only a matter of time

I will be here and stay here
I will always be here and stay here
I will wait for the dawn
I will wait for the bird to chirp again

Nameless Romance

Let me tell you a story
About a boy and a girl
Perhaps they believe in this formless thing
It's something that everyone's desire

The boy believed that
The spark and the light of it
Transcends any border and time

The girl believed that
The bonds and the time spent on it
Mesmerizes any wall and shadow

When the light turns red
What are you going to do?
When the light turns green
Shall we continue and move on?

To the endlessly growing future
The endlessly growing future
Where thoughts and dreams are intertwined

If you don't like the story
Maybe you will like the ending
If you don't like the ending
The choice is in your hands

Is it matter for you?
Either to walk on or move on

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